Louisville Limo Pricing Policies

Affordability is our top priority

Louisville Limo Prices

The first step in keeping costs down for our clients is keeping a team of experienced full-time mechanics on site. Our limo fleet is mechanically maintained daily with detailed inspections pre and post trip so that we can extend our fuel savings to you. We also give you your own unique quote that fits your requests exactly and emphasizes some or all of the things listed below, in order to get your quote down as much as we can ...

The day of the week that you are booking for can be one of, if not the biggest factor when looking to lower your rental cost, as can the time of the year. Prom and Wedding seasons are our busiest times of the year where our vehicles book up extremely fast and well in advance, but if you have some flexibility in your scheduling you may well be able to score yourself a great deal even then. Additionally, we have special wedding flat-rates and day-rates, as well. Sometimes we are also able to offer our bride and groom clients a special package deal when booking all of their wedding related bus needs, such as bachelor and bachelorette parties together with their actual day of reservations. The particular limo that you wish to use can make a difference in what your overall cost is as well, as the general rule of thumb, as you would expect, are that the larger the vehicle the higher the rate. Sorry, didn't mean to blow your mind right there. What is great about the larger vehicles though is that if it is an event where the cost will be split up among the guests it can actually end up less per person if you have enough people to warrant the next size up vehicle.

Please call us with as much information as you can put together so that we can save you money!

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