Q. How are the sizes of limousines and party buses determined?

The Kentucky Department of Transportation sets them. They base the size on 14" of seating per person so, we advise - for comfort reasons - to go with a slightly bigger model of our fleet if your passenger count is very close to the size assigned to the vehicle.

Q. Do I need a deposit to reserve a limo?

We only charge a $200 deposit - by credit or debit - and that comes off of your total amount. That is to hold the car on the day and at the time that you wish to have it.

Q. What is the minimum age for the person renting the limo?

You only have to be eighteen years of age to rent a limousine from Louisville Limo.

Q. Do you charge fuel charges?

No. Your quote is the total amount. We don't charge additional fuel surcharges; no matter how far you wish to go.

Q. What times can I call and book a limousine?

There is always a qualified limousine professional available to answer the telephone for you and also to take any questions or input that you may have.

Q. Is this available for this date?

In order for us to let you know about availability, we’ll have to have you call or email one of our booking agents for more information. Just give us a quick phone call and our staff will be able to answer all of your questions, make sure you have all the information you need as well as a price quote specific to your itinerary.

Q. Do we have to tip the driver?

Of course not! You aren’t required to tip, that is at your discretion. Though our chauffeurs are permitted to accept any tips they receive and most of our customers do indeed leave a tip at the end of the journey.

Q. Can we smoke cigarettes on the vehicles?

Sorry, we don’t allow any smoking on any of our vehicles. On the bright side, that’s why they’re always so clean and fresh smelling and you are given unlimited stops so any pit stops you require are not an issue.