About Louisville Limo

We focus on service & always take care of our clients

About Louisville Limo

Starting years ago with one old Lincoln Town Car Limousine and growing to the larger, busier fleet that we now have, Louisville Limo is here to stay and always attempting to approve the ways in which we do business and suit your needs. There are plenty of party bus and limo companies in the area but the thing that makes a company last is finding a way to remain in the memory of its clients and we believe that we have found that.

We are very particular about who joins the family that is our business because those are the people that you are going to rely on to not only answer your questions and provide the service that you ask for but also, they are the very people that will represent not only our company but also the Louisville metro area. We have a lot of pride in where we live and do business so, we hope that you call us today and find out why we are a whole different experience that dealing with other companies. Our booking agents, office staff and chauffeurs will go above-and-beyond to show you how we set out to do things and how we continue to do them in that way. If you want outstanding service in another location, try El Paso TX Party Bus.

Our telephones and email inbox are both open to you all hours of any day of the year. We sincerely ask for your suggestions and comments - our lines aren't just for bookings. We hope to hear from you soon!

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